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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

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Biology at the University of Bayreuth. Photo: Dengler


From molecules to organisms: biology is one of the key sciences of the 21st century. Our scientists investigate all areas of the life sciences - from ecological relationships to illnesses.  ...more

Chemistry at the University of Bayreuth.


At the University of Bayreuth, research and teaching in chemistry are closely interwoven. Students benefit from the excellent student-to-instructor ratio, while researchers profit from outstanding facilities and infrastructure: ideal conditions for advancing teaching and research.  ...more

Earth Sciences at the University of Bayreuth.

Earth Sciences

Climate change, political unrest, and pollution - these are only a few of the many 21st century challenges in the focus of research and teaching in earth sciences at the University of Bayreuth.  ...more

Dirk Steffens presents the certificate for the award of the honorary doctorate of the University of Bayreuth

Honorary doctorate for science journalist Dirk Steffens - Save the date!

The official ceremony for the honorary doctorate awarded to Dirk Steffens will take place on 21 October 2021.  ...more

If you're interested in biology, chemistry, or earth sciences, Bayreuth offers you a unique combination: a broad range of topics and a track record of excellence. At the beginning of their studies, students get to learn about the many different areas and discover the field that's right for them. However, our experienced researchers also benefit from this diversity. You'll be amazed at the outstanding methodological possibilities in Bayreuth and at how our diversity enables flexible, interdisciplinary projects to be realized. 


Small groups and short communication channels - at our faculty, you'll have the chance to pursue your studies in a highly interdisciplinary research environment. ...more


Interested in the latest findings from our various fields of research? Then have a look at our News  ...more

Important Dates & Events

Want to know what's going on at the Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences? By clicking on Important Dates, you'll find a list of important upcoming events to put in your calendars. ...more

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