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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

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A few highlights from our research.

Its three departments - Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences - ensure the Faculty is able to carry out interdisciplinary research and teaching at a high level. Our diverse array of activities investigates current issues in society, Nature, and technology. 


From molecules to organisms: biology is one of the key sciences of the 21st century.  Our scientists investigate all areas of the life sciences - from ecological relationships to illnesses.. ...more


At the University of Bayreuth, research and teaching in chemistry are closely interwoven. Students benefit from the excellent student-to-instructor ratio, while researchers profit from outstanding facilities and infrastructure: ideal conditions for advancing teaching and research.. ...more

Earth Sciences

Climate change, political unrest, and pollution - these are only a few of the many 21st century challenges in the focus of research and teaching in earth sciences at the University of Bayreuth. ...more

Research Centres & Associations

The Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences is involved in a host of research centres and research associations that also represent international beacons of research and teaching.. ...more

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